Wife of martin guerr

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Wife of martin guerr

Casad was from Mesilla, New Mexico. The Guerra Hispano-Estadounidense was to be different from other wa rs fought by the United States up until that time.

It was not an internal conflict, such as in the American Civil War.

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It would seem that her actions were not really about defending her freedom against a foe determined to tak e it from her. American borders were now secure. The Guerra Hispano-Estadounidense it would seem was fought by Ameri ca over its need as an emerging power on the world stage to have what many other gr eat powers of the day had, influence.

This latest war would be at its base an imperialistic and expansionist approach to conquest. The world up until tha t time had seen many imperial powers. Because of her indust rial output and capacity, excellent communications systems, railways, roadways, seagoing vessels, and waterways America was now almost an integrated whole.

What had once been a series of geographically separated states was about to become connected from the Atlantic Ocean the Pacific Ocean. Trade, that all important gauge of Wife of martin guerr power was the test of a great nation.

This America had to ensure that she had in abundance. By the lateth-Centu ry C. The United States had tak en the largest share of its lands through military conquest. She had become an integrated national entity. Many newspaper journalists effectively and efficiently exaggerated and bent their news reporting.

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They did this to provoke and impact public opinion, and force action. At its base was capitalism, at its pinnacle imperialism. Here, I should clarify my position on the United States and its territorial acquisitions on the North American Continent.

She did nothing more or less than those powers which ha d preceded her. Each had attempted to supplant the other there either through war or purchase.

The Americans were only the latest occupants to enlarge their holdings to the exclusion of all other powers. I think the answer is a straight forward one.

It would only be a matter of t ime before these powers would revisit their losses on that great continent and presume to take back what had once been theirs.

In this matter, I believe o ur forefathers were correct and history proved the point. International issues related to other areas of the globe hardly stand the previous test of American security as seen throu gh the Monroe Doctrine.

Once economics and trade are used to determine secur ity, protection will know no bounds. This in my opinion is what happened with international trade and its inclusion into the American security model.

Per haps it was American hubris, that prideful self-confidence that afflicts all gre at nations. One can only guess! Now, let us move on.

Wife of martin guerr

The systematic taking of these areas would begin with the Guerra Hispano-Estadounidense. A concerned American State Department would send the U. Maine to Cuba for the protection of American citizens. While docked in Haba na Harbor, on the evening of February 15, C. President Willi am McKinley then responded by ordering a naval blockade of Cuba.

Commodore George Dewey led his U. During the six hour battle, the entire Spanish squadron was sunk. On April 23, C. Ten days late r, by May 11th, a confident President William McKinley and his cabinet approve d a State Department memorandum calling for Spanish cession of a suitable "coaling station.

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