Upper crust pies business plan

Originally Posted by cmfriedman01 I have a plan were I can have a small cafe pasta,soup,salad next to a boutique. All under the same roof - different sectioned areas.

Upper crust pies business plan

In the time before refrigerators, it was hard to keep meat without some spoilage. Most of the bacteria which spoil meat need oxygen to proliferate. So once you pack the meat into a clinging skin, it keeps for longer.

This is one of the reasons why people bothered to bake meat pies instead of roasts in the first place. But there is a problem with meat pies. As the other answers mentioned, the meat steams while being baked, and this steam must be gathered below the upper crust and vented through a hole.

So, a meat pie has some space between the meat and the roof. Surely, this is a factor. But I bet that, if you keep it outside of a refrigerator, it will spoil long before it dries.

Filling this space with jelly which happens to be available in big amounts too - after all, we just slaughtered our big pig and want to cook lots of it as quickly as possible, so we probably have more stock than we can use up practically seals the meat airtight against bacteria.

This is how the traditional jelly-topped meat pie recipe was born. We have refrigerators today, but we still follow the recipes as they always were. Drying out is probably a factor. But I definitely like the jelly layer.

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I must confess that I have always eaten it in good restaurants or home made, so maybe the poor quality has ruined it for you. The solution is to bake the pie without the upper crust. If you want a pie with four crust sides, blind bake a sheet of pastry pre-cut for the open side allow for shrinkage when cuttingthen glue it to the meat pie somehow.

Sticky honey glaze, or a layer of cream cheese should work as would jellied stock: Some will get absorbed, but maybe not all. It may be worth to try making the pie with ground tender meat. I am however not sure whether this will provide you with a good jelliless pie, or with a pie with a soggy crust.reviews of Upper Crust Pie Bakery "Way to go UPPER Crust!!!!

These are the best pies and cookies in KS. Also verified by two other excellent bakers, my 97 year young Grandmother and my 77 year young aunt thinks so too/5(). When a shoulder injury put him out of commission for eight months, Babich spent his recuperation writing a business plan.

She would be in charge of the pies; he would handle the business. Together, they drew designs for the shop’s interior on their honeymoon.

upper crust pies business plan

The pie crust is as buttery and flaky as ever—more like puff pastry than pie. Pie lovers can find Indy's Upper Crust pies at the Jazz Kitchen, Bebop Pizza Kitchen and Twenty Tap at the intersection of 54th Street and College Avenue, and Goose the Market at 25th and Delaware streets, among other locations.

(Amanda Voisard/For The Washington Post) An upper-crust tour of every style.] hour fermented dough and a long-term business plan to expand up and down the East Coast. Pie Restaurant Business Plan UPer Crust Pies is a new fast food restaurant differing from the normal options with traditional home style recipes from Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

The restaurant will prepare frozen meat, vegetable, and fruit pies. UPer Crust Pies pie restaurant business plan executive summary/5(19).

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