Trung nguyen coffee market environment

Send Email Printer Coffee chains fight for market share VietNamNet Bridge - The battle among the big players in the coffee market has not gone the way people have predicted. All of them have been winners. Trung Nguyen is the most common brand, considering its high number of shops in its network. However, the other two also attract many Vietnamese customers.

Trung nguyen coffee market environment

Since to now…. Like many coffee customers you may surprised that Vietnamese Coffee is in fact a market leader in many countries who have adopted their unique blends.

The number 1 brand in Vietnam for coffee is Trung Nguyen. They first produced Roast and Ground Coffee for high end hotels and then went onto supermarket distribution with their instant G7 3 — 1 Vietnamese coffee range.

Trung Nguyen coffees are grown on smaller farms using traditional sun-drying methods and natural processing. Their cultivation supports thriving villages where growers work under contract futures with guaranteed pricing for their products.

Trung Nguyên – Trung Nguyên Legend

Their commitment to quality starts at the green bean selection process where they only work with suppliers having the finest Grade A beans. Their in-house lab, tests each sample batch to ensure they meet exacting standards. And when the main batch arrives, their workers carefully remove any defective beans.

After all, it only takes one spoilt bean to ruin a whole batch. Storage is another major concern. Their green beans are kept dry and regularly checked to ensure no moisture buildup.

During the roasting process their master roasters combine the art of experience with the science of time and heat to produce a consistently excellent bean. Last but not least, packaging.

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To ensure optimum quality, Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee packs have a special lining and one way valves to keep pollutants out, and the freshness in. The large majority of local production is done by small households with ha planted.

Robusta is the main crop in Vietnam, due to suitability of geography, climate and elevation.

Trung nguyen coffee market environment

The Government is making its strategy of supplementing Robusta production with the farming of Arabica in suitable areas. While producing lower quantities, Arabica earns roughly twice as much as the same weight of Robusta.Transcript of Trung Nguyen Coffee 'Take Trung Nguyen To American Market' Trong Hieu Nguyen The Marketing Environment and Competitors Analysis Market Research Marketing Mix Goal Marketing Strategy Group 3 - QTKD 19C Brief History Mr.

Dang Le Nguyen Vu. Trung Nguyen Coffee Corporation, which was found by Dang Le Nguyen Vu in in Buon Ma Thuot – the capital of coffee in Vietnam, is the biggest domestic coffee brand in terms of production, processing, and distribution of coffee.

Certificate. Trung Nguyên management and employees has always been committed and strive to improve the efficiency of production and business development which these efforts have brought G7 brand to become one of the international coffee players in more than 60 countries worldwide.


Trung Nguyen has 60 branches all over the country serving Vietnamese-style individually brewed cups, as well as international varieties including Italian expresso and Turkish-style coffee which the company also plans to introduce into the American market.

Trung Nguyen has prospered in a Vietnam that is shifting from a socialist command system to a hybrid market economy, a transformation not unlike the evolution of Vietnam’s giant neighbor to the north.

Learning from nature, Trung Nguyen Legend experts have researched, explored and then by “biological fermentation” recreated successfully the cherished coffee process actually take place in wild Weasels to create special materials for the introduction of the Excellent coffee – Trung Nguyen LEGEND.

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