The challenges confronting a corrections manageradministrator essay

Defining your abilities to face personal challenges means you have a responsibility to remain fit and alert throughout the work day as well as your personal activities. Everything you do is a reflection of your character, your abilities, skills and knowledge how to handle adversity and overcome barriers in your personal life or in the workplace.

The challenges confronting a corrections manageradministrator essay

Increased use of sick leave Incidents of workplace violence Conflict Resolution Estimates from the U. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission EEOC state that managers spend at least 25 percent of their time resolving workplace conflicts and resort to various methodologies to resolve them.

Such methods include confronting the parties, to ignoring the problem, etc. The savvy HR manager should seek to constructively resolve conflict by turning potentially destructive situations into opportunities for creativity, increased communication and enhanced performance.

FSAP suggests that arriving at a positive resolution of conflict is always the ultimate goal. In resolving conflict, it is important to make sure the HR manager endeavors to: Clearly articulate the causes of the conflict — openly acknowledging there will be differing perceptions of the problem s.

Make a clear statement of why you want the conflict resolved and reasons to work on conflict. Communicate how you want the conflict resolved. Address the issues face-to-face.

Notes, email correspondence, memos are not a productive way to resolve differences. Stick to the issues. In trying to resolve conflict, it is tempting to resort to name calling or bringing up issues from the past.

The challenges confronting a corrections manageradministrator essay

It is important to address specific behaviors and situations if change is to take place. Take time out if necessary.

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In the resolution of a conflict, our emotions may interfere with arriving at a productive resolution.

If this transpires, take a time-out and resume resolving the conflict at another designated time. A Word about Mediation In recent years, alternative dispute resolution in the form of mediation most commonly defined as an attempt to bring about a peaceful settlement or compromise between disputants through the objective intervention of a neutral party continues to grow in use in the public workplace.

The challenges confronting a corrections manageradministrator essay

Most mediators will tell you that either collaboration or compromise are the most productive forms of addressing conflict because there is not a winner or loser but rather a working together for the best possible solution.

As such, it is important that the HR manager remain cognizant of the purpose of mediation: A workplace mediation session is in effect a business meeting about a business problem. Mediation is not a personal counseling session. Mediation is not a substitute for supervision.

When used properly, an effective mediation session can help employers to be sensitive to the relationships among their employees, encourage employees to speak with management and assist managers in becoming more proactive while serving as role models for effective approaches to conflict.

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By bringing a neutral, third party into the mix, both employee and manager come to the negotiation table equally empowered.The mayor has been advised at different points on a number of challenges currently facing juvenile corrections, particularly juvenile detention.

Based on your knowledge of detention facilities, identify the single greatest challenge to successfully administering the Centervale Juvenile Detention Center. 2 CHALLENGES IN CAREERS IN CORRECTIONS Managing a career in corrections will have its ups and downs, as with any position.

The potential challenges that may be encountered while working in the field of corrections are becoming overly stressed out, mental health problems, and risk behaviors%(5).

 Administrator Challenges Name Criminal Justice Management Theory and Practice / CJA Date Jennifer Webb University of Phoenix Administrator Challenges The three major areas of the criminal justice system administration include the police, the courts, and the correctional system.

Topics in Community Corrections – Differing Treatment Effects for High- and Low-Risk Offenders While Table 1 provides plenty of support for the risk principle, a recent study that.

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Administrator Challenges essay Kevin Jackson CJA/ March 16, Professor: Charles Davis Administrator Challenges essay In this essay, I will discuss the functional role of the criminal justice administration in the police department.

introducing results-oriented approaches to budgeting and management. Although the majority of OECD countries have engaged in some institutional challenge for all OECD member countries which is becoming increasingly IMPROVING PUBLIC SECTOR EFFICIENCY: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES.

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