Passhe business plan competition 2012 election

In Augustwe established the Clean Power Plan — the first-ever carbon pollution standards for existing power plants, protecting the health of our children and working toward a 32 percent reduction in carbon pollution by Expanding the Clean Energy Economy Since the President took office, the administration has made the largest investment in clean energy in American history, including increasing solar generation by twenty-fold and tripling electricity production from wind power. Sincethe Department of the Interior permitted more than 50 clean energy utility-scale projects on public or tribal lands. The projects could support over 20, jobs and generate enough electricity to power 4.

Passhe business plan competition 2012 election

September 29, NewsWithViews.

passhe business plan competition 2012 election

Nothing could be further from the truth. The election is not a referendum on Mitt Romney or Barack Obama. It is a referendum on American society.

It is a contest between two opposite American Dreams and the outcome will tell us nothing about Romney and Obama, but everything about the American people.

Unfortunately, before we can answer the subject question, I will have to teach the definition of communism first. Baby-boomers were never taught not to destroy their own country by overloading productive passhe business plan competition 2012 election of society with the high cost of free-stuff for folks like the common Obama supporter.

Government employees topping the list of Obama campaign donors, is as self-perpetuating as it can get. When did communism replace freedom and liberty as the new American Dream?

The answer is — it was a slow incremental process -- that some today call progress and it started a very long time ago, while nobody was paying any attention.

Lawyers and judges started trying to dismantle the U. Constitution before the ink was dry. So, freedom and liberty have been under assault from the very beginning in America, as a subtle corps of sappers and miners constantly worked underground to undermine our Constitution from a co-ordinate of a general and special government to a general supreme one alone.

Politically, everything really started heading to hell in a hand basket under Taft and Wilson. If you understand the modern face and democratic strategies of communismthen you can begin to fit the pieces of the puzzle together.

However, the American press and courts made it possible for them to push up their closing strategy by two full election cycles, using the race card to trick Americans into electing someone they knew absolutely nothing about and still know very little about four years later.

Senator McCarthy was right. The two share a common dream for America and that dream is entirely un-American. These organizations knew that they had to change strategies to advance communism in the U.

Communist Party USA member and Michigan congressman John Conyers formed the Congressional Black Caucusused to exploit the black population via racial divisions, for the sole purpose of advancing the Communist Party agenda.

Their strategy was to work like parasites from inside the American two-party system, rather than in direct competition with it. The goal was to seize control of one or both parties from inside. For years, both parties tried to advance political candidates under their own banners, failing miserably in every effort.

He also joined the New Party. Failing on the New Party ticket in Illinois, Barack Hussein Obama later switched to the Democratic Party for his second Illinois Senate campaign in and he was elected to the Illinois Senate with the endorsement of his New Party aka communist friends.

He was immediately rushed to the top of the Democrat Party messiah list and introduced to the nation and the world as the new future of the Democrat Party during the John Kerry DNC Convention instealing the stage from Kerry and becoming the man who would defeat Hillary Clinton and the famous Clinton War Machine, for the DNC Presidential nod.

Nobody knew anything about Obama then.

It was the most amazing political scam I had ever witnessed, and I have witnessed many political scams, here and abroad. The American people were dead asleep at the switch. Ask any American if they want to join you for a movie and they will immediately ask which movie?

Ask them if they want to join you for dinner and they will ask where you plan to eat? Ask them if they are a sports fan and they will tell you that it depends upon which sport you are referring to… Ask them for a loan and they will ask how much, and when you can pay it back.

Americans are not stupid, but they are often deaf, dumb and blind. How strange… the biggest question in their lives, with all the marbles on the table and their very existence hanging in the balance, no questions. Inwe have a very different scenario, however.

After four years under a communist Obama dictatorship crippling our economy, igniting unrest all over the globe, destroying our Constitutional Republic, stampeding our freedoms and liberties into the ground along with our fundamental social fabric, Americans can now see who and what Barack Hussein Obama is… Beyond wearing a Soviet Uniform or Muslim towel to his future press conferences, there is little more he can do to prove who and what he really is.

Can Americans discern what they see and do they have the backbone to unselfishly do what must be done, all personal agendas aside? Will Americans vote for Communism again?

Welcome to the City of Gautier

Will Americans fall for the same set of lies they fell for in ? That chance is November 6, … Who can afford to focus on anything else? No true Patriot will be sitting out the election at home this time. No decent American will sit on the sidelines in some futile 3rd party fantasy or protest.

There is simply too much at stake. Not even state governments have the honor and courage to block a known fraud from appearing on the ballot again in PASSHE Student Business Plan Competition Register | Login. Home; Contact Us; Message Information. To Your Name Your E-mail Address Your Phone Number Subject.

A select group of chapter leaders has been invited to pitch their plans during the 5th annual National Business Plan Competition at Student Veterans of America’s National Convention.

This site is maintained for the Illinois General Assembly by the Legislative Information System, Stratton Building, Springfield, Illinois A number of business issues are at stake this election cycle, including consumer privacy, taxes and the availability of seed capital.

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