Nyc next idea business plan competition

From Start to Finish, with no Loose Ends How to make a living building furniture Are you about starting a furniture manufacturing company? Okay, so we have considered all the requirements plan starting a furniture manufacturing business. The furniture manufacturing industry is indeed a lucrative one. However, business is made that requires plenty of capital to start.

Nyc next idea business plan competition

Humanhattanby Bjarke Ingels Group. And, as we know, storms of that magnitude have not stopped coming, and are only expected to worsen.

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Now, Lower Manhattan could be the first to test out an innovative system that is being proposed as a way to protect cities from rising sea levels and future storms. It will hopefully serve as the first in a long line of projects that will not only protect our cities, but integrate those protection systems in a way that improves social use of public space.

nyc next idea business plan competition

Berms—raised land forms created to separate low-lying areas from adjacent water bodies, that here come in the form of rolling hills and banks of benches—provide protection from storm surges and floodwaters, while deployable walls underneath the FDR Drive flip down to create a flood barrier and an open structure for seasonal markets.

According to BIG, which has offices in Copenhagen, New York and London, the speculative plan addresses climate change and future growth, with exactly the right amount of private real estate development to finance the public projects needed to protect the surrounding area. Italo Rondinella The buildings in the projected new development area of the model are color coded for their local resiliency support systems, with the yellow structures supplying solar power, the green ones adding vegetation and the blue buildings furnishing storm-water retention aids.

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The snaking protection line is indicated in red. The planning principle for this intervention is to scale down towards the waterfront while connecting the various neighborhoods.A robotic biomedical waste disposal system, designed by six high school students, won first place in a business plan competition hosted by the Washington, DC, chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs.

Urban X is a platform for millennials to share their ideas, expertise, and give in-depth analysis of the aspects that create the total "Urban X-pereince." This blog was created to dispel all myths, and correct all falsehoods and misconceptions about our communities that .

Next weekend they’ll be competing against students from around the world for best business plan at the TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TYE) Global Business Plan Competition in Washington, D.C.

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Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg today announced that the entrepreneur team from the Indian Institute of Technology Madras has been selected as the winner of NYC Next Idea , an inaugural global business plan competition launched by New York City last year.


New York City is where innovative ideas come to life. Show more This exciting annual competition - now in its second year - invites you to develop business plans that can be launched in New York City. To manage your agency's competitions, you must have an OMB MAX account with two-factor authentication enabled.

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