Leos aldebaran

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Leos aldebaran

Important areas requiring coverage include studies of astrophysical objects ranging from nearby solar system objects to distant stars and objects at cosmological distances; timing studies of variables ranging from pulsations of hot white dwarfs to those of active galactic nuclei can be conducted with Astrosat as well, with time scales ranging from milliseconds to days.

Astrosat is a multi- wavelength astronomy mission on an IRS-class satellite into a near-Earth, equatorial orbit. Artist's conception of a binary star system with one black hole and one main sequence star Astrosat is a proposal-driven general purpose observatory, with main scientific focus on: Simultaneous multi-wavelength monitoring of intensity variations in a broad range of cosmic sources Monitoring the X-ray sky for new transients Sky surveys in the hard X-ray and UV bands Broadband spectroscopic studies of X-ray binaries, AGNSNRsclusters of galaxies, and stellar coronae Studies of periodic Leos aldebaran non-periodic variability of X-ray sources Astrosat performs multi-wavelength observations covering spectral bands from radio, optical, IR, UV, and X-ray wavelengths.

Both individual studies of specific sources of interest and surveys are undertaken. While radio, optical, and IR observations would be coordinated through ground-based telescopes, the high energy regions, i.

The observatory will also carry out: The three detectors are vacuum image intensifiers manufactured by Photek, UK.

Leos aldebaran

These detectors are designed to achieve I wide energy band of 3—80 keV, II high detection efficiency over the entire energy band, III narrow field of view to minimize source confusion, IV moderate energy resolution, V small internal background and VI long lifetime in space.

Their small pixel size also facilitates medium resolution imaging in hard x-rays. The CZTI will be fitted with a two dimensional coded maskfor imaging purposes. The sky brightness distribution will be obtained by applying a deconvolution procedure to the shadow pattern of the coded mask recorded by the detector.

Apart from spectroscopic studies, CZTI would be able to do sensitive polarization measurements for bright galactic X-ray sources in — keV. The gas-filled proportional counter will have resistive wires as anodes. The ratio of the output charge on either ends of the wire will provide the position of the x-ray interaction, providing an imaging plane at the detector.

The coded mask, consisting of a series of slits, will cast a shadow on the detector, from which the sky brightness distribution will be derived. The high voltage will be lowered or put off using data from CPM when the satellite enters the SAA region to prevent damage to the detectors as well as to minimize ageing effect in the Proportional Counters.

Command and control of the spacecraft, and scientific data downloads will be possible during every visible pass over Bangalore. The support cell has been set up to give opportunity to the scientific community in making proposals on processing and usage of AstroSat data.

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Leos aldebaran

Feb 24,  · Léo's worlds: Aldebaran, Betelgeuse and Antares Aldebaran, Betelgeuse and Antares are stars, obviously. But those of you who read 'bandes dessinées ' (comics in French) may well associate these names with three series of books of the same names.

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