Hurricane katrina and the aftermath

At least 1, people were killed andforced to leave their homes—permanently for some. The Superdome was the epicenter of the calamity that was the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane katrina and the aftermath

The hurricane and its aftermath claimed more than 1, lives, and it ranked as the costliest natural disaster in U. The storm that would later become Hurricane Katrina surfaced on August 23,as a tropical depression over the Bahamasapproximately miles km east of Miami.

Over the next two days the weather system gathered strength, earning the designation Tropical Storm Katrina, and it made landfall between Miami and Fort LauderdaleFloridaas a category 1 hurricane a storm that, on the Saffir-Simpson scaleexhibits winds in the range of 74—95 miles per hour [— km per hour].

Sustained winds of 70 miles per hour km per hour lashed the Florida peninsula, and rainfall totals of 5 inches 13 cm were reported in some areas.

The storm spent less than eight hours over land. It quickly intensified when it reached the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

Hurricane KatrinaHurricane Katrina formed on August 23,and in less than a week grew from a tropical depression into a Hurricane katrina and the aftermath 4 hurricane.

Hurricane katrina and the aftermath

Gulf Coast, it brought widespread devastation and flooding with it. By the following afternoon Katrina had become one of the most powerful Atlantic storms on record, with winds in excess of miles per hour km per hour.

On the morning of August 29, the storm made landfall as a category 4 hurricane at Plaquemines Parish, Louisianaapproximately 45 miles 70 km southeast of New Orleans.

It continued on a course to the northeast, crossing the Mississippi Sound and making a second landfall later that morning near the mouth of the Pearl River.

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A storm surge more than 26 feet 8 metres high slammed into the coastal cities of Gulfport and BiloxiMississippidevastating homes and resorts along the beachfront.

Inside eyewall of Hurricane Katrina shortly before the storm struck Louisiana, August Areas east of the Industrial Canal were the first to flood ; by the afternoon of August 29, some 20 percent of the city was underwater.

However, tens of thousands of residents could not or would not leave.

On this page: A June report by the American Society of Civil Engineers indicated that two-thirds of the flooding was caused by the multiple failures of the city's floodwalls. According to the National Hurricane Center, 1, fatalities can be attributed to the storm:
Hurricane Katrina | Damage, Deaths, Aftermath, & Facts | Here is the press release: Five prominent Hurricane Katrina domains, including KatrinaRelief.
Hurricane Katrina | Damage, Deaths, Aftermath, & Facts | On August 26,both Louisiana and Mississippi activated their emergency response plans and began preparations for evacuations along the coast. Most people evacuated from coastal Mississippi and Louisiana.
Chapter One: Katrina in Perspective This report was mentioned on the BBC and other outlets for eerily being so accurate a prediction of what might happen.
ADDITIONAL MEDIA Management of Domestic Incidents Washington, D. Measuring destructiveness in terms of damage to property rather than loss of life is a useful way to compare disasters.

They either remained in their homes or sought shelter at locations such as the New Orleans Convention Center or the Louisiana Superdome.

As the already strained levee system continued to give way, the remaining residents of New Orleans were faced with a city that by August 30 was 80 percent underwater. Many local agencies found themselves unable to respond to the increasingly desperate situation, as their own headquarters and control centres were under 20 feet 6 metres of water.

With no relief in sight and in the absence of any organized effort to restore order, some neighbourhoods experienced substantial amounts of looting, and helicopters were used to rescue many people from rooftops in the flooded Ninth Ward. SuperdomeAerial views of downtown New Orleans, Louisiana, with the Superdome in the foreground, left on August 30,a day after Hurricane Katrina struck the city, and right again some 10 years later on July 29, By September 1 an estimated 30, people were seeking shelter under the damaged roof of the Superdome, and an additional 25, had gathered at the Convention Center.

An absence of basic sanitation combined with the omnipresent bacteria -rich floodwaters to create a public health emergency.

The evacuation of hurricane victims continued, and crews began to rebuild the breached levees. On September 6, local police estimated that there were fewer than 10, residents left in New Orleans.

As the recovery began, dozens of countries contributed funds and supplies, and Canada and Mexico deployed troops to the Gulf Coast to assist with the cleanup and rebuilding.

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Army engineers pumped the last of the floodwaters out of the city on October 11,some 43 days after Katrina made landfall. Bush commenting while visiting Biloxi, Miss.Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes ever to hit the United States.

An estimated 1, people died in the hurricane and the flooding that followed in late August , and millions of others were left homeless along the Gulf Coast and in New Orleans.

Hurricane Katrina was one of the deadliest hurricanes ever to hit the United States. An estimated 1, people died in the hurricane and the flooding that followed in late August , and. Overall, more than 1, people lost their lives as a result of Hurricane Katrina.

More than 1, death occurred in Louisiana, around in Mississippi, and 14 in Florida. Thirteen years have passed since Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, and one of the city's former favorite attractions is still feeling the effects.

Six Flags in New Orleans was abandoned on.

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A look at some of Hurricane Katrina's catastrophic effects on the coastal towns of South Mississippi including Waveland, Bay St. Louis, Pass Christian, Long Beach, Gulfport, Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Gautier and Pascagoula.

Hurricane Katrina Photos, Images, Video and Other Information. Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Updates. A woman waves for the National Guard to be evacuated during a rescue operation for Hurricane Katrina victims. (Photo: Gerardo Mora/EPA/Newscom) Winds of mph ripped across Louisiana 10 years ago, leaving in its wake devastation of property, destruction of lives, and a death toll of 1, people.

Hurricane katrina and the aftermath
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