Frank koppens thesis

Marin Soljacic Control over the spontaneous emission of light through tailored optical environments remains a fundamental paradigm in nanophotonics. The use of highly-confined plasmons in materials such as graphene provides a promising platform to enhance transition rates in the IR-THz by many orders of magnitude.

Frank koppens thesis

Five postdoctoral researchers, seven PhD students, two research engineers, nine students, one visiting PhD student and one member of administration have joined ICFO during the month of October. His position will allow him to work on the development of solution processed nanocrystal solar cells.

Moniruzzaman Shaikh holds a Ph. His main tasks will involve attosecond XAFS in molecules. His position will allow him to work on integrated quantum memories. Her thesis will focus on on-a-chip manipulation and detection of exosomes. At ICFO he will be working on light - matter interplay for optical metrology beyond the classical spatial resolution limits.

Her position will allow her to work on optical surfaces using atomically thick materials and nano-structuring. At ICFO he will be working on single photon detection projects.

His main tasks will involve working on solution-processed quantum dot thermophotovoltaics. Mariela Baron, who holds a M. At ICFO she will be working on signal processing and electronic interfaces for quantum communication and imaging.

Frank koppens thesis

Michael Krieg as a research engineer. Leticia Tarruell as a student. His position will allow him to work on the generation of holographic traps for quantum gases using digital micromirror devices.

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His main tasks will involve building a new experimental setup for the study of ultracold alkali-earth atoms in controllable optical traps.

Her position will allow her to work on the design of a DoDs device. His position will allow him to work on ultrathin materials for tunable optical surfaces. His main tasks will involve squeezing and entanglement generation in high-density atomic vapors.The Joint Quantum Institute is a research partnership between University of Maryland (UMD) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology, with the support and participation of the Laboratory for Physical Sciences.


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Koppens. I hold a and a (Magna Cum Laude) in physics, and a PhD in physical electronics from Tel Aviv University, Israel. I am currently a postdoctoral fellow at ICFO - The institute of photonic sciences, Barcelona, Spain, at the group of Prof.

Frank Koppens. In case of interest, candidates may contact Prof. Dr. Frank Koppens ([email protected]) for further details. * The positions will be funded by the Project “Topological NanoPhotonics”, an ERC Consolidator Grant awarded by the European Research Council established by the European Commission.

Kostya S Novoselov, Frank HL Koppens; ACS Photonics, ().

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