Essay on australian healthcare system

Posted on March 20, by Josh Bram The United States is considered by most to be the greatest country to ever grace the face of the planet.

Essay on australian healthcare system

One study [10] based on data from the OECD concluded that all types of health care finance "are compatible with" an efficient health system. The study also found no relationship between financing and cost control.

The term health insurance is generally used to describe a form of insurance that pays for medical expenses. It is sometimes used more broadly to include insurance covering disability or long-term nursing or custodial care needs.

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It may be provided through a social insurance program, or from private insurance companies. It may be obtained on a group basis e. In each case premiums or taxes protect the insured from high or unexpected health care expenses. By estimating the overall cost of health care expenses, a routine finance structure such as a monthly premium or annual tax can be developed, ensuring that money is available to pay for the health care benefits specified in the insurance agreement.

The benefit is typically administered by a government agency, a non-profit health fund or a corporation operating seeking to make a profit.

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Many government schemes also have co-payment schemes but exclusions are rare because of political pressure.

The larger insurance schemes may also negotiate fees with providers. Many forms of social insurance schemes control their costs by using the bargaining power of their community they represent to control costs in the health care delivery system. For example, by negotiating drug prices directly with pharmaceutical companies negotiating standard fees with the medical profession, or reducing unnecessary health care costs.

Social schemes sometimes feature contributions related to earnings as part of a scheme to deliver universal health carewhich may or may not also involve the use of commercial and non-commercial insurers.

Essentially the more wealthy pay proportionately more into the scheme to cover the needs of the relatively poor who therefore contribute proportionately less. There are usually caps on the contributions of the wealthy and minimum payments that must be made by the insured often in the form of a minimum contribution, similar to a deductible in commercial insurance models.

In addition to these traditional health care financing methods, some lower income countries and development partners are also implementing non-traditional or innovative financing mechanisms for scaling up delivery and sustainability of health care, [12] such as micro-contributions, public-private partnershipsand market-based financial transaction taxes.

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There has been growing interest in blending elements of these systems. Capitation[ edit ] In capitation payment systemsGPs are paid for each patient on their "list", usually with adjustments for factors such as age and gender.

Essay on australian healthcare system

Capitation payments have become more frequent in "managed care" environments in the United States. However, under this approach, GPs may register too many patients and under-serve them, select the better risks and refer on patients who could have been treated by the GP directly.

Freedom of consumer choice over doctors, coupled with the principle of "money following the patient" may moderate some of these risks.

Aside from selection, these problems are likely to be less marked than under salary-type arrangements. Health care deliveryHealth information managementHealth informaticsand eHealth Sound information plays an increasingly critical role in the delivery of modern health care and efficiency of health systems.

Necessary tools for proper health information coding and management include clinical guidelinesformal medical terminologiesand computers and other information and communication technologies.

The use of health information lies at the root of evidence-based policy and evidence-based management in health care. Increasingly, information and communication technologies are being utilised to improve health systems in developing countries through: Health policyPublic healthHealth administrationand Disease management health The management of any health system is typically directed through a set of policies and plans adopted by government, private sector business and other groups in areas such as personal healthcare delivery and financing, pharmaceuticalshealth human resourcesand public health.

Public health is concerned with threats to the overall health of a community based on population health analysis. The population in question can be as small as a handful of people, or as large as all the inhabitants of several continents for instance, in the case of a pandemic.

Public health is typically divided into epidemiologybiostatistics and health services. Environmentalsocial, behavioraland occupational health are also important subfields.

A child being immunized against polio. Today, most governments recognize the importance of public health programs in reducing the incidence of disease, disability, the effects of ageing and health inequitiesalthough public health generally receives significantly less government funding compared with medicine.

For example, most countries have a vaccination policysupporting public health programs in providing vaccinations to promote health. Vaccinations are voluntary in some countries and mandatory in some countries. Some governments pay all or part of the costs for vaccines in a national vaccination schedule.

The rapid emergence of many chronic diseaseswhich require costly long-term care and treatmentis making many health managers and policy makers re-examine their healthcare delivery practices.Aug 24,  · These are the sources and citations used to research Australian healthcare essay.

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A variety of different problems led Australia to create its health care system. Perhaps the primary motivating factor was the perception by successive governments that while health care costs were increasing rapidly, they were doing so witho.

The Australian healthcare system is underpinned by Medibank, implemented in Medibank is a universal health insurance system that provides for medical treatment in public hospitals and subsidizes care in the community by providing a rebate for medical consultations and clinical investigations.

Major metropolitan areas have a very large. Analysing the Australian Health Care System The National Health and Hospital Reform Commission report for Australia is based on three important tenets that in a nut shell summarizes the findings and recommendations of the report.

Introducing a Co-Payment System in Australian Healthcare Essay - Introduction Australia has succeeded in producing a healthcare system that is providing above average health care to its population.

The following essay discusses personal observations of the United States of America’s health care system and breaks it down in terms of equity efficiency and access.

These observations are then compared with knowledge of the Australian health system and produce detailed evidence of the positive.

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