Art the ultimate form of human expression

An analysis of the health and life benefits in quitting smoking Art the ultimate form of human expression This would be a theory of evocation, not of expression. Some say that the artist begins with a state of mental confusion, with a few fragments of words or melody gradually becoming clear in his mind and the rest starting from there, working gradually toward clarity and articulation, whereas others hold that the artist sets himself a problem, which he gradually works out during the process of creation, but his vision of the whole guides his creative process from its inception.

Art the ultimate form of human expression

Life is short, but it deserves our attentive devotion. No person has a monopoly on wisdom. Despite the plethora of written books and e-books covering virtually every imaginable subject, advances in human knowledge and changes in the physical environment will cause recurrent alterations in the human condition that writers are uniquely able to express, explain, explicate, and elucidate.

The complexities of human life demand humanistic persons to explore and offer guidance and solace to troubled souls. The world is not in the need of any more corporate entities devoted to milling money. What the world needs is writers, singers, poets, and philosophers whom can expand upon the universal desire to display an intense and absorbing respect for life and honor the principles of truthfulness and charity in human relations.

I wish for every person to cull the lyrical prose from their stroll in the meadow of life and express the vivacity of their inner daemon in whatever artistic methodology stirs their imagination and voices their uniqueness.

I call upon each person to use logic, intuition, and imagination to share all their adventures in this world of rocks and stones, earth and sky, sunshine and rain.Art as expression.

Art the ultimate form of human expression

The view that “art is imitation (representation)” has not only been challenged, it has been moribund in at least some of the arts for more than a century. It was subsequently replaced by the theory that art is expression.

Art as expression

Instead of reflecting states of the external world, art is held to reflect the inner state of the artist. Dec 20,  · The highest form of human expression is the artificial manipulation of the natural environment.

Unfortunately, even though its our highest achievement, we've not given it our fullest effort and generally made a royal mess of Resolved.

Which Art (in any form) demonstrates the purest form of human expression? For example playing music, via a wooden plank with strings is not as pure a. Art and Truth: ‘Good art should illuminate our Plato thought the Forms are ultimate reality, and knowledge of the Forms knowledge of That this is ideal is an expression of human judgment.

So understanding something as an expression of an ideal contributes to self-understanding. Or again, an ideal may illuminate our experience, e.g. by. Mar 25,  · Of course there are different forms of art, such as architecture, painting, cosmetology, pastels, sand art, and photography, to name a few.

Another major distinction to consider is the difference between “works of art” and art in the form of a speciality.

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Artistic Expression Quotes (69 quotes) Posted by Rebbecca Weber. While discussing art and music in class, I feel that the same ideas and questions were being similarly discussed on both art and music.

A work of art is something created and admired. Which Art (in any form) demonstrates the purest form of human expression? For example playing music, via a wooden plank with strings is not as pure a.

Art The Ultimate Form Of Human Expression