An introduction to the nature of an elephant

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An introduction to the nature of an elephant

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We have seen them dressed in costumes and dancing at circuses, living solitary lives at zoos or giving our children a thrill with a ride on their back. But the largest land animals live a life that is completely foreign to us when left to their own in the wild — one complete with battles and births, kidnappings and camaraderie.

More than fifteen years ago, Martyn Colbeck began to document in film and photos the lives of African elephants. For the better part of two decades, he has grown particularly close to the elephant matriarch, Echo, and her close-knit family, who have never failed to astonish, amuse, and inspire him.

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The family seems to accept Colbeck into their world, and perhaps even considers him one of their own. The result is that he can record unimpeded the gentle love, and tight bonds that elephants feel for each other. We meet Echo and begin to understand the importance of such a majestic matriarch to her devoted clan.

He shows us their language and ways of communication.


And he captures remarkable scenes such as the rare birth of a crippled calf that the family desperately and collectively tries to help to its feet. The film causes us to question if this could be about more than simply survival.

In scene after moving scene, Colbeck makes us fall in love with Echo, Erin, Enid, Ely, and the rest of this loving family. He conveys through his film and in a special interview with NATURE what complicated, powerful, tender, funny — and, yes, unforgettable — creatures elephants are.Introduction Introduction.

The management of the Asian elephant is quite anomalous in the conservation world, with circumstances quite bizarre compared to other large mammals. Apr 15,  · The Elephant’s strong, muscular trunk helps this animal to grab hold of objects, cool off, and complete other necessary tasks.

Asian Elephants have large padded feet which enable them to walk quietly, despite their large size (1).

An introduction to the nature of an elephant

Introduction: Elephant is the very big mammal animal on the earth. It has a strange body structure. It is found in grey color.

It looks clumsy but children and kids like it very much. Nature of Elephant: Generally it is a wild animal but it is also a social animal which does not harm anyone. That’s why people keep it in their houses.


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Elephant Anatomy, Habitat, Feeding, Reproduction and Elephant Predators Introduction to Elephants There are two species of elephants remaining in the world – the African and the Asian. 3 days ago · About Us.

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Elephas Proboscidea phylogeny based on Shoshani Only when Elephas disappeared from Africa did Loxodonta become dominant once again, this time in the form of the modern species.
The man-elephant relationship is quite strange.

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